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Given below are a few maintenance tips which would help you extract the best of SaiCorp products :
  • SaiCorp recommends that all axles have the wheel bearings checked for adjustment after the first 5,000 km of service.
  • After this all axles fitted with standard steel hubs need inspection and adjustment if necessary at 50,000 km intervals with replacement of the lubrication recommended at 100,000 km intervals.
  • In harsh operating environments such as high ambient temperatures, the wheel bearings should be inspected and adjusted if necessary every 25,000km.
  • Have the trailer on level ground and preferably loaded.
  • Ensure the brake air reservoirs are fully charged and the brakes are backed off if required to avoid drag.
  • Block the remaining wheels to ensure the unit does not move while carrying out this procedure.
  • Remove the hub cap and place a dial indicator with a magnetic base on the end of the axle spindle with the pointer resting on the hub. Rotate the hub approximately 90 degrees in both directions while pushing on the hub and note the reading on the dial indicator. Repeat the procedure while pulling on the hub.