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About UsUL-142 & ULC-S601 Certified Above Ground Tank

Saicorp manufactures high quality pressure vessels and above ground UL Certified tanks in addition to highly customized Trailers for a diverse range of the industry. With above 2 decades of experience in manufacturing of high-speed customized trailers and above ground tanks, it is but natural that we have developed a tradition of high-quality engineering and manufacturing making us a frontrunner in the industry today.

The blend of excellent manpower and the modern-day infrastructure translates into a perfect solution for all the customers' needs that is unmatched in the industry today. The right resources are optimized to create the best solution for you at a very competitive pricing. We strive for unmatched quality at all times.

With a knowledge base of more than 1000+ project life cycles and with robust manufacturing practices, Saicorp besides manufacturing UL certified fuel tanks specializes in manufacture of high speed industrial trailers, mobile storage tanks and pressure vessels.

A high percentage of parts are produced to the company’s exacting standards and designs, including axles, chassis and other body parts. Parts and raw materials are sourced from approved manufacturers who have a proven record of quality.

Saicorp tanks are designed and constructed to a high standard and will often outlast the normal expiry cycle. Saicorp tanks have galvanized fasteners and all inputs are lead and asbestos free. With extensive domain knowledge of the industry and a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s requirements, Saicorp has manufactured and delivered thousands of tanks. The testimony to our success has been in our Customer Repeatability. This is largely due to the fact that every solution is custom designed by our experienced team to achieve the required task at an efficient rate using cutting edge equipment and safe design concepts.