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Design Facilities

Saicorp are experts in design, manufacture and maintenance. With over two decades in production and an uncompromising commitment to excellence, we can achieve total customisation of tankers and trailers. Collaborate with Saicorp and avoid delays in getting your tankers and trailers on the road. We can provide a tailored service to meet your expectations within the agreed timeframe and price point.

Our Design house is well equipped and will work collaboratively with clients to understand the specific requirements, needs and philosophy ensuring a successful outcome. Achieving the optimum design for a new product does not always mean creating the most elaborate and feature packed item, it is normally about creating an elegant and simple design that will perform the desired function . We use research and our in-house knowledge of over 1000 project life cycles to identify the optimum function, aesthetics, ergonomics, manufacturability, and cost.

Manufacturing Facilities

Robust and quality manufacturing capabilities-cutting edge design capabilities, development, manufacturing and logistics support ensures that customers get the benefit from the very latest in specialized manufacturing processes, culminating in significantly reduced lead-times and on-time delivery.

Saicorp is equipped with Adjustable Automatic Welding Rotators, Accur Shear, Plate Shearing Machine with capacity 4.2 mtrs X 10 mm, Accur Press, Press Brake with capacity 4.2 mtrs. x 10 mm, Shell Rolling Machine with capacity 10mm x 2000mm, automatic welding positioners and a host of other equipment for manufacture of consistent quality products at all times.

Testing Facilities

Saicorp ensures that every single axle assembly and running parts are dynamically tested for speeds over 100 kms. /hour in a specifically designed machine. Tests conducted by us subject the axles to conditions far tougher than those encountered in normal operations. The accelerated wear and tear reveals any potential weaknesses that may arise in many years of service.

There's no substitute for road tests under actual trailer operating conditions. These provide final validation of the test findings, and confirm that reliability and durability in the field will match expectations.