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1. Do you build custom trailers?

SaiCorp can build a custom trailer from the ground up and from the inside out. You can put SaiCorp's engineering and production team's unparalleled experience to work for you. We can build a trailer to fit your exact, specific needs.

2. Does SaiCorp have a financing plan?

SaiCorp has flexible financing plans available nationwide at competitive rates. We'll work with you on an individual basis to set up a plan. When you qualify, financing is normally available through any of the financial institutes.

3. How do I care for the finish on my SaiCorp trailer?

The best way to care for the finish on your trailer is to keep it clean both inside and out. Road chemicals, tree sap, environmental pollution and animal waste can be very harmful to your trailer. Frequent washing can be one of the best ways to prolong the life of your trailer. Most products suitable for automotive finishes will work well on the exterior of your trailer, although you should use extreme caution when using automotive "cleaner" waxes or polishing compounds as the abrasives contained in these products can damage the baked on finish on your trailer. Standard automotive waxes applied to the painted surfaces of your trailer can provide protection to the finish against staining and discoloration.

4. How much road clearance do the trailer require?

6" to 8" is the best. Clearance of less than that can be used with additional care by the driver, and trailers that are used off the road or that are towed in uneven terrain require the driver to be extra careful to prevent damage.

5. I do not have an owners manual for my trailer. How do I obtain one?

A standard owner's manual will be provided along with every trailer manufactured by SaiCorp. It can also be obtained by either sending SaiCorp an email requesting for an owners manual, or call Customer Service at 080 - 51170327 and they will send you one.

6. Is it necessary to haul my trailer level?

It is very important that when your trailer is loaded that it should be as level as possible. If the trailer is not level the suspension system in the axles can be damaged, or the tires on one axle may be overloaded. Measure the distance from the bottom of the trailer frame at the front and rear of the trailer on a level surface and compare the measurement. The measurements should be nearly equal. This should be done with the trailer in a loaded condition.

7. How much air pressure should I run in the tires on my SaiCorp trailer?

Most trailer tires should be run at their maximum inflation pressure. Consult the maximum pressure rating on the sidewall of the tire and inflate your tires to this amount when the tires are cold. The pressure will rise as the tire heats up, so it is important to check them before you leave and not bleed off the pressure when they get hot. Most tire failures result from too low of pressure, overloading, or excessive speed. These factors or a combination of them causes the tire to get hot, and may result in a catastrophic tire failure.