SaiCorp trailers are designed and constructed to a high standard and will often outlast the towing vehicle. All SaiCorp trailers have hot-dip galvanized chassis and framework and extensive use is made of high grade aluminium and thermo-plastic to ensure durability.


The process that is followed in the manufacture of all SaiCorp products has been carefully laid out in consultation with experts and by incorporating feedback received from existing customers. An efficient and dedicated team is then involved in the production of world class products.


For proper functioning and trouble free performance all machine and fabricated items will be protected from corrosive environment. The surfaces is protected by (1) Painting the surface like structural steel members, (2) Electro galvanizing / spray galvanizing of machine components and other components like bolts, nuts, Washers etc.

The painting scheme ensures that surface will be completely free from oil, Grease, dirt or other matter. Surface will be free from grit and dust before application of primer. Two coats of metal primer will be applied immediately after subsequent removal of dust. The dry film thickness (DFT) will not be less than 30 microns. Final two coats of 40 microns (DFT) of enamel color paint will be applied. Any intermediate cleaning required between successive coats of paint will be carried as per the recommendation of paint manufacturers and as per the instruction of the department. Standard quality paints and primers will be procured from approved manufacturers as prescribed in the list furnished. The paint thickness will be measured at random locations selected by representative of the purchaser in his presence.

Only supreme quality parts are used for all SaiCorp Products. Our partners include:



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