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Light & heavy trailers are becoming more popular as people come to appreciate just how useful and cost effective they can be when they are developed by SaiCorp Industrial Trailers.

SaiCorp at a glance

Fast aiming to become the leading trailer manufacturer in Karnataka, SaiCorp Industrial Trailers Ltd.

Company Philosophy

The company's philosophy is to produce high quality trailers that combine high technology with strength, durability, ease of maintenance and value for money.

The Process

SaiCorp trailers are designed and constructed to a high standard and will often outlast the towing vehicle. All SaiCorp trailers have hot-dip galvanized chassis and framework and extensive use is made of high grade aluminium and thermo-plastic to ensure durability.


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Flat Bed , Generator Mounting , Low Bed , Semi Low Bed...

Customised Trailers

Equipment Mounting , Compressor Mounting , Heavy Duty , Low CG , Garbage Trailers...


Water Tankers , Storage Tankers , High Capacity Tankers...


Truck Tippers , LCV Tippers...


Canopies , Enclosures , Others...


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Maintenance Tips

Given below are a few maintenance tips which would help you extract the best of SaiCorp products :

SaiCorp recommends that all axles have the wheel bearings checked for     adjustment after the first 5,000 km of service.

After this all axles fitted with standard steel hubs need inspection and     adjustment if necessary at 50,000 km intervals with replacement of the     lubrication recommended at 100,000 km intervals.

In harsh operating environments such as high ambient temperatures, the     wheel bearings should be inspected and adjusted if necessary every     25,000km.

Have the trailer on level ground and preferably loaded.

Ensure the brake air reservoirs are fully charged and the brakes are backed     off if required to avoid drag.

Block the remaining wheels to ensure the unit does not move while carrying     out this procedure.

Remove the hub cap and place a dial indicator with a magnetic base on the     end of the axle spindle with the pointer resting on the hub. Rotate the hub     approximately 90 degrees in both directions while pushing on the hub and     note the reading on the dial indicator. Repeat the procedure while pulling on     the hub.

Customer Support

Quick response time :

On reciveing a call the office immediately in turn get in touch with service team closest to that area, the location, nature of repair, etc., are given to the team and within 48 hrs our team reaches the destination to attend to the repair and service. What more this service is on 24 Hrs 7 Days a week including all holidays. Furthermore if you feel the trailer can undergo a routine maintaince during a holiday we can even attend to it on that day.

Spare parts :

As important as service is availabilty of spareparts that's why SAICORP ensures that all spare parts however critical or non critical is well stocked with us at all times. Further to this you are always ensured good quality spareparts.

Owners Manual :

A standard owner's manual will be provided along with every product manufactured by SaiCorp. You could also avail this by sending us an email request.

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